Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What the #%@* is it?

    So....I enjoyed myself some treasure hunting today at a few thrift stores. I'll post about some cool treasures soon, but for now....

What the heck is it?

      It is all rusty and uber old, and for 69 cents, I knew it had to be mine.

   At first, I thought it was some kinda kitchen thingamajigger......or meant to hold a bottle or something. My hubby thinks it's a primitive candle lantern....which makes sense and would be super cool.
    Don't worry....when I sell this sucker at an auction for thousands, I'll remember all you little people out there...

  Any other thoughts as to what this treasure is?

Posting more treasure hunting finds soon!
    Stay Fancy, My Friends!----Jess


  1. It looks like one of those lantern holders from 1800s.

  2. My first thought was it was an old basket for holding bottles of milk, like when they delivered it to your home back in the day. But I'm pretty sure I'm wrong.

  3. I believe It's a toaster. You place two slices of bread in it and put it in the oven.