Tuesday, February 1, 2011

HEY! You're Not Francis....

       So, What's with the name, "Fancy Francis" you ask? I'm glad you asked. Here he is....that's right, HE

    Here's Francis wearing his favorite pink princess shirt. (It actually says, "princess" on the back!) He actually loves to dress up.....Really, he does. He loves to prance around when he's all dressed up. I guess he's a little metrosexual...
     I adopted him when he was 3 weeks old. Yeah, I thought he was girl. (Don't laugh! You couldn't tell at 3 weeks either) He's named for St. Francis, the patron saint for animals. His mother was a feral cat who birthed a litter of kittens in a lady's garage and then took off. I'm the only momma he's ever had

     Francis has some severe anger management issues and no inhibition.  (I believe he has brain damage from the birthing process) He randomly attacks, striking like a cobra. I have some serious scars.  He's affectionately nicknamed, "The Vicious Beast"
     Why do I own such a dangerous animal, you ask? Well, he's sweet as pie and such a cuddly angel 90% of the time. He's my baby :)  

      Here are my other two furry children...

  Chloe Belle
Lucy Belle
      My next post will be pretty and crafty! Stay Tuned!   ---Jess

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  1. I thought people with brain injuries are supposed to be docile.