Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shabby Bohemian Chandelier

    Ok....I admit it. I just wanted to brag about my most favorite chandelier ever. (Well I only have, 4 if you include the candelabra chandelier over my bathtub). I don't really think a girl can ever have too many chandeliers...

    Layers of clear, pearlescent beads....So Shabby Chic, but with a Bohemian vibe. It's feminine, yet funky. Perfect for any room.It's a little weathered and shabby...just the way I like things.  I think it's from the 60's.  I bought it from Ebay (I'm kinda an addict) from a seller named, "Sherri for Sure". I can't seem to find her again now. If anyone knows her, hook me up! She had the most heavenly stuff in her store
    Here it is in its current home, My Bohemian Chic guest bedroom.
     Next post will be crafty! Stay Fancy, My friends!   --Jess


  1. My favorite bedroom! Don't forget your dresser and mirror that you painted in there, too...

  2. I do love that dresser! Maybe I'll post on it one day ;)