Monday, February 7, 2011

Vintage Picture Frame Necklace Board

     Is it jewelry storage....or is it art?
 I don't know about y'all, but I have so many necklaces in my jewelry armoire piled in layers, that I don't even know what I've got. Yeah, that's my excuse for buying more necklaces, and I'm stickin' to it ;)  I've been wanting a place to hang some of my pretty vintage necklaces, and I happened to have this old vintage frame...

     It was kinda pretty as is, but here lately I've been wanting to paint the whole world white....

     I started one one coat of spray primer (found in craft or hardware stores where all the spray paint is). Then, I added probably three coats of Rust-Oleum American Accents Heirloom White....such a nice vintage creamy, white. I let each coat dry about a day before adding the next..

   I chose burlap for my fabric since it's cheap and neutral and I love the rusticity (I love making up words!) of it against the blingy necklaces.
  I simply cut the burlap to fit the inside ledge of the back of the frame and hot glued it, pressing it down with a pencil (in an attempt to unsuccessfully avoid 2nd degree hot glue burns :/ ) I then cut a sheet of corkboard to fit the outer ledge and glued it over the burlap. Sorry, no pics of this... done in preblogging days.  Full Disclosure: The corkboard was thin, so my push pins kinda still go into the wall a little. If anyone knows where to get thick corkboard that doesn't cost $13, let me know!

    I attached this supercute green striped ribbon bought at Heaven, Hobby Lobby with my trusty staple gun. I feel like such a badass with my staple gun...

 I prettied up some simple clear pushpins by hotgluing pearls to them....

  Close-up of shabby and crackly....Just the way I like it

Vintage rhinestones, carnival glass,  celluloid, and aurora borealis rhinestones 

   My favorite necklace....celluloid made to look like ivory...with rhinestones...funky and princessy.

    Here's another easier option for a jewelry board...Heaven Hobby Lobby has these beautiful cork bulletin boards in really pretty frames. Getcha one when they're 50% off (which is every other week) and simply cover it with a pretty fabric. Voila!

   Hope y'all enjoyed it. I am admittingly not a good picture-taker, and I have a plain ol' camera....nothing fancy. I like pictures better with the flash off, which can kinda blur things. Oh get the idea...

   Till next time...Stay Fancy, My Friends! ---Jess


  1. A few of my friends have these in their house and I think they are adorable! It's not just a neat way to store jewelry if you have a small space but it's very pretty as a work of art.

  2. I love that - so pretty! So perfect for your place :)