Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thrifty Treasure Love

    I'm not an overly mushy, romantical,  stuffed critters and sexy lingerie kinda girl....So, in honor of St. Valentine's Day, I'm sharing with y'all something I'm passionate about., cute stuff.  Here are a few of the fruits of last week's treasure-hunting binge:

 Hippie Chic handiwork at it's finest.  I think it's just lovely...wouldn't even paint it (and I slap a coat of paint on everything)

Hand-carved by Robert Ebberson 1977.  Good work, Robert....whoever you are 

Cute little decopaged map frame...freakin' adorable. It looks as if it could be nestled among $89 blouses at Anthropologie

Cute little 70's throw pillow, which acutally goes quite well in my living room. (I've been trying to bring in more color) I have an uncanny radar that can spot a retro fabric across a store

Shabby Chic crystal decanter. 3 bucks! I had been eyeing a few similar ones in an antique store for $30, so I was pleased to find this. I'm gonna use mine for bath salts

So this one isn't technically from a thrift store, but a flea mall and antique store, but I HAD to share it because it's awesome! I paid  $14.99 for this pewter non-tarnish cake stand......the same cake stand I had seen weeks earlier in a high-priced decor store for $59.95. Score!

Happy V Day! May you receive an enormous plus unicorn that takes up your entire bed and totally clashes with your home decor;)

Stay Fancy, My Friends! --Jess


  1. LOVE that carved frame and cake stand!!

  2. Hah! I thought I was the only one who wasn't really into the whole flowers-and-stuffed-unicorn thing. C and I are going to make dinner together instead :) As for your finds, I'm seriously coveting the carved frame! Not going to lie, I'd be tempted to sneak that thing from you and slap a coat of bright orange paint on it. It would look fabulous with my cracked-out living room (you can see part of it in my profile pic behind Lucy).

  3. *gasp* I don't know if I could ever allow Robert Ebberson's handiwork to be defiled with orange paint, Ashley ;)

  4. I probably WOULDN'T do it - I'm just tempted. And I love orange right now :)