Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Love Letter to My New Favorite White Spray Paint

  Hey Y'all! I'm still kickin'....just haven't had time to post anything. In fact, at this very minute, I'm supposed to be packing my stuff in an apartment to be moved into a house. Procrastination is the devil, I tell ya! (Ok, so Cadbury orange cream eggs are THE devil, but procrastination is one of his evil minions.)

  So...My go-to white spray paint of choice is always Rustoleum American Accents in Blossum White. It is a satin finish, and I thought we were a couple. Well, the other day, I was in Michaels (which I love, but I prefer to get my spraypaints elsewhere), and out of emergent need, I cheated! I bought a can of Krylon Indoor/Outdoor paint in semi-gloss white. I am in LOVE! Maybe it's partially because it's a semi-gloss and not a satin finish, but I'm in LOVE!  This paint covers better, requires less coats, is less streaky, the nozzle is easier on the fingers, and dries faster!! What's not to love?!! I think I paid $4.49 for a can, but If I hadn't been in a rush, I'd have found and used a coupon.  It has such a lovely finish. I'm in awe of how this fruit topiary turned out! (It was black before, and it only took two coats of paint!!!) Blossum White...sorry it has to be this way, but we are over. Don't bother calling me..

                                            My new love..xoxoxo                                   

                            Formerly black fruit topiary: The recipient of this heavenly paint

  Till next time...Stay Fancy, Y'all!----Jess



  1. Yay! So glad you're posting again. Just out of curiosity, what did the topiary look like when you got it? I suspect it was far less cute in the original. Now, it's adorable :)

  2. It was an ugly, matte black, Ashley